Central Washington Rabbit Club



2014 Officers


 President:  Judy Paris                                

Vice President:  Raffe Carroll                    
Secretary:  Jo Sollinger                             

Treasurer:  Russell Redden   

Sherri Church, Cliff Dick, Denise Konzek,
Beth Sollinger,  Kirstin Carroll



Our Next Show will be June 7, 2014

Click here for our show catalog!!

Please join us at the Show and 

show off those Bunnies!!

2 Open ARBA Shows, 1 Youth Show

There is also a Youth 
Fitting and Showing Workshop!

Results from our June Show

June 1, 2013

Best In Show 

Youth Show A

Jessica Robertson 

Jr. Mini Rex Black Otter Buck

Soft Hop James Bond 007

Judge:  Lawrence Weeks

Best In Show 

Sharon Webb with her Satin

Reserve In Show

Russell Redden with his New Zealand

Judge:  Lawrence Weeks

Youth Best In Show  April 28, 2012 

Central Washington Rabbit Club Show

Jessica Robertson with Mini Rex  KT's Blue Again